Making Space In Your Garbage Can

After we started cleaning out our basement, I was blown away with the amount of trash that we came across. There were loads and loads of extra items that we didn't need anymore, and it was really frustrating. I started focusing on making more space in our trashcan, and I was really impressed with how much extra room a few smart moves made. We started nesting garbage items inside of paint buckets, and breaking down boxes carefully. This blog is dedicated to helping homeowners to make better use of the space they have inside of their trashcans. You never know, you might be able to enjoy more free space inside of your home.

Pests Invading Your Space? 3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Them


If you have crickets in your home, you're going to need to get rid of them as soon as possible. While you might enjoy their distinctive chirping sound, you're not going to enjoy the damage they can do to your home. Once inside your home, crickets will search out the cool, dark corners and lay hundreds of eggs. While they wait for the eggs to hatch, crickets will dine on your clothing, carpeting, and even your walls. If you've found crickets living in your home, don't take chances. Here are three steps you can take to get rid of the pests.

Remove the Garbage

Crickets love the smell of garbage. As soon as they smell it, they'll move in and set up housekeeping. They also enjoy eating just about anything you might have lying around the house, including papers. You can eliminate the temptation by keeping your trash cans covered and removing any garbage that you might have in the yard.

It's also important that you remove tree trimmings, lawn clippings and dead branches from your yard. Crickets are attracted to cool, dark places where they can lay their eggs. If you've found crickets throughout your home and garage, you should rent a dumpster and clear out all the debris and garbage that could be attracting the bugs.

Turn Down the Lights

If you leave lights on in your home or yard overnight, you might be leaving the welcome sign on for crickets. These little nuisances are attracted to bright lights. Once they find them, they won't leave. You can keep them away by turning your interior lights off at night and by dimming your porch lights.

Go After the Eggs

Once you get rid of the mature crickets, you might think your work is done. Unfortunately, it isn't. You still have to worry about the eggs. To stop the invasion in its tracks, you'll need to get rid of the eggs, too. You can do this by thoroughly vacuuming your entire home. Start by vacuuming along the edges of each room, paying close attention to the corners. Next, vacuum the rest of your home. Once you've vacuumed the entire house, remove the dirt canister from your vacuum and empty the contents into a plastic bag. Tie the bag tightly and discard it in a trash can outside. This will prevent the cricket eggs from hatching inside your vacuum canister and re-infesting your home. 

If you have crickets in your home, get rid of them fast. Use the tips provided here to help you get rid of them once and for all. Contact a company like General Waste Removal for more information.


7 July 2016