Making Space In Your Garbage Can

After we started cleaning out our basement, I was blown away with the amount of trash that we came across. There were loads and loads of extra items that we didn't need anymore, and it was really frustrating. I started focusing on making more space in our trashcan, and I was really impressed with how much extra room a few smart moves made. We started nesting garbage items inside of paint buckets, and breaking down boxes carefully. This blog is dedicated to helping homeowners to make better use of the space they have inside of their trashcans. You never know, you might be able to enjoy more free space inside of your home.

Keep These Useful Features In Mind When Shopping For A Dump Trailer


Buying a dump trailer can make your life easier when you're hauling trash from your home to the dump or when you're a contractor who needs to get rid of waste from a demolition project. When you visit a trailer retailer, you'll be presented with a wide range of options. Although your immediate priorities may be to identify a dump trailer within your price range and that meets your size requirement, it's also advantageous to think about the multitude of features that many trailers have. By spending a little more — or, in some cases, simply targeting your search differently — you'll get a trailer with features that you'll use countless times. Here are some such features to look for.

Hidden Ramps

Dump trailers aren't equipped with pull-out or fold-down ramps in the same manner as many other trailers, which means that you could be forced to climb up into the trailer each time you're loading it. To avoid this unnecessary exertion, look for a trailer that has hidden ramps stashed below its body. You'll be able to access the ramps by raising it in the upper position, and then remove the ramps to help you with the loading process.

LED Lights

Dump trailers are equipped with taillights, turn signal lights, and side lights to make you visible when you're on the road, but you'll likely want to illuminate the area around the trailer when you're loading it after dark. Look for a dump trailer that has LED light panels on the sides; while you can always buy LED lights and install them after purchase, it's better to get a trailer that already has this feature wired in. These lights are controlled by a switch so that they can be turned off while you're driving. When the trailer is parked, however, they can be lit up to make it easier to load the trailer and safer to walk around it.

Locking Toolbox

Look for a dump trailer that has a durable, locking toolbox welded to the frame behind the hitch. The presence of this feature will make your life easier, as you'll be able to carry tools, work gloves, and other useful items in the toolbox and leave them there instead of having them clutter the inside of your truck or constantly have to remember to load them out of your garage when you're on the job. This is a better strategy that attaching a toolbox to the area with a bungee cord, as the permanent variety is more durable and less likely to be taken when the trailer is left unattended.

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25 July 2016