Making Space In Your Garbage Can

After we started cleaning out our basement, I was blown away with the amount of trash that we came across. There were loads and loads of extra items that we didn't need anymore, and it was really frustrating. I started focusing on making more space in our trashcan, and I was really impressed with how much extra room a few smart moves made. We started nesting garbage items inside of paint buckets, and breaking down boxes carefully. This blog is dedicated to helping homeowners to make better use of the space they have inside of their trashcans. You never know, you might be able to enjoy more free space inside of your home.

Streamlining Computer Recycling For Businesses


Getting rid of old computers can be a time-consuming task that gets in the way of the main orders of business. It's even more of a problem when you're replacing old systems with newer systems, as proper removal and installation require at least entry level Information Technology (IT) skills. To make computer recycling more efficient, here are a few removal, recycling, and general scrapping strategies to help your business remain as agile as possible.

Making The Trade Off Easier

Picking up a computer and putting a new one in its place is simple on paper, but it's a bigger ordeal in real life. Each cable needs to be unplugged--often involving twisting, pressing, and unlocking for cables designed to stay in place--and the layout needs to stay organized to avoid major configuration problems with the new computer.

The team removing computers needs to know how to remove each cable without damaging the ends. Many cables, such as monitor cables, have metal pins that are somewhat durable, but can be broken by an aggressive and inexperienced person or through the frustration and monotony of disconnecting multiple computers.

For safety, don't remove and replace computers as a single process. Remove all computers in a specific room or section, and then bring in an entire room or section of computers. This ensures that everyone is working on the same general set of steps and aren't mixing up different instructions. Bringing in the new computers can be done as another separate task while allowing some rest time between tasks.

When you remove old computers, consider using a single storage area or workspace for dismantling. Your IT department may be able to salvage certain components, and if you plan on recycling parts for specific garbage removal and recycling purposes, having enough area for dismantling can make the process happen faster. More room means more computers to work on and more arm mobility for getting into the system.

Recycling Process And Trash Hauling Plans

The biggest reason to dedicate an old computer working storage area is for dismantling the old systems. Saving old components can help you during a failure in new systems, but even if you plan on throwing everything away, dismantling can help you when it comes to recycling.

Every material has its own recycling market. Aluminum, copper, silver, rare earth magnets, and even plastics used in computers have a value that changes on a daily basis. The material prices are independent from each other as far as recycling center payouts go, so you may want to take specific materials in when the prices are good while holding onto materials at historic low prices.

To make this easier, recycling bins are necessary. A trash hauling and recycling company, such as Rid Right LLC, can help you by providing recycling bins and recycling center delivery, allowing you to color code your materials for specific bins to make separation easier.

It's possible to recyclecomputers wholesale while taking a single price set for a full computer unit. If you go this route, it's still a good idea to get a dumpster dedicated to computers and electronic waste, as it's illegal to throw electronics such as computers away with the standard, general collection trash. 

Whether you're recycling full systems or specific components, contact a junk hauling professional to get an efficient partner in trash removal and the storage equipment you need for old materials.


23 March 2017