Making Space In Your Garbage Can

After we started cleaning out our basement, I was blown away with the amount of trash that we came across. There were loads and loads of extra items that we didn't need anymore, and it was really frustrating. I started focusing on making more space in our trashcan, and I was really impressed with how much extra room a few smart moves made. We started nesting garbage items inside of paint buckets, and breaking down boxes carefully. This blog is dedicated to helping homeowners to make better use of the space they have inside of their trashcans. You never know, you might be able to enjoy more free space inside of your home.

3 Things You Need When You Are Doing Spring Cleaning at Your House


When you are going to do thorough spring cleaning or clean out your attic, there are a lot of things that you are going to need to have in order to get the job done right. So, what are some of the things that you should have when you are doing a huge cleaning job at your house?

Contractor Bags

One thing that you should have is huge contractor trash bags. These bags are generally oversized and can hold a whole lot of stuff. They are also made out of much thicker plastic than other trash bags. That's because they are designed to deal with lots of sharp kinds of rubbish, and you don't want anything to break through. You can generally find these bags in the hardware section of your local department store or at a home improvement store. 


Once you have the trash bags, you are going to need to have somewhere to dispose of them. You may be able to put them at the street for your regular trash collection, especially if you have a special pickup for spring cleaning in your city. However, many cities or waste disposal companies won't pick up that kind of waste, so you will have to come up with another option. The most common and easiest option is to rent a dumpster of some sort from a company like XS Waste Transport. The nice thing about doing that is that there are a whole lot of sizes when it comes to dumpsters, so you should have no problem finding one that will fit in your space, and then all you have to do is toss the garbage into the dumpster. Because you have rented one, the company will come out and deliver it for you and pick it up as necessary. They will also be the ones who dispose of everything when you're done. 

Protective Gear

If you are going to be dealing with an area that's packed full of dust, spiderwebs, and who knows what else, you are going to want to have some basic protective gear. That can include a dust mask to make sure you aren't breathing all that dust in and a pair of thick work gloves so that you don't hurt your hands while you are picking stuff up. You would probably also want to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts so that you aren't getting hurt by anything. 

If you have a major house cleaning task coming up, these are some of the things that you are going to need in order to make sure you do the job right. 


21 February 2019